ASSOCIATION OF ECONOMISTS OF TAMIL NADU was established in 1980. This association also functioned in the name of Association of Economists of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry (Regd.S.No.22 of 1982) for some years

The origin of the Association goes back to 1975-76, when a group of college teachers in and around Tiruchirappalli, collected around Fr. M. Sebastian SJ., Prof. and Head of Department of Economics, St.Joseph’s College and organized themselves under his leadership into an ECONOMICS CLUB for professional advancement. This group met periodically discussed papers presented by members of the club on issues of National and International interest.

It was generally accepted that one of the greatest weakness of college teachers in Tamil Nadu was that they were poorly equipped in quantitative tools. To get over this deficiency, Fr. Sebastian took the lead to organize four consecutive summer course in this area. About forty to fifty college professors drawn from all over Tamil Nadu benefited from this summer programs immensely. During these meetings, majority of the members expressed a desire that there should be an academic oriented organization for college professors, and they urged Fr. Sebastian to took lead and organize and Association based on St.Joseph’s College.

Dr M.Sebastian Stanislaus

-AET Founder-

Madras University started the first Department of Economics in India in 1916. Gilbert Slator, a student of Alfred Marshall, was the first Professor of Economics of Madras University. St. Joseph’s College had the privilege of having in its faculty of economics, another student of Marshall, Fr. Carty. Right from the beginnings, the affiliated colleges had competent faculty. However, due to historic accident, research degrees were offered only by the universities and Presidency colleges. In Economics, among the three presidency Colleges, only the Presidency College, Calcutta seemed to have succeeded in producing successful doctoral scholars before 1950s..Read more.

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